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Our updated site started on the 30 August 2004 and we hope to be able to add more stories and poems in the near future.

These stories I have written, come from the heart. I spent many hours in reflection of a past that I was involved in. Many past lives were not known to me until I saw the road leading to it. It is difficult to believe the invisible and intangible, nevertheless it is truly there. My poetry includes love as well as pain. I hope that one day all of mankind will enjoy life and understand why we are here on this plane of existence. I hope that at least one of these poems or stories will touch your heart and help you in your search.

May your road be full of adventure and I hope that you take the time to understand the path.

I would like to say thank you to my wife Angela, who spent a lot of time in helping me to edit these poems and stories. Without her I would not be able to display them on this web site. She is the most beautiful soul mate that someone can have. She is the part of me that I was missing. It is nice to feel complete and loved. May you find your soul mate soon and if you already have, then let them know how you feel.

Peace and love be with you always.

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