I am Kujamo    


(This is not my real name but it did signify who I was …)




May my ancient lords be forgiven for their acts.


I have come a long way in time to be reunited with my past. Now, I realize why I behave in certain ways. I try hard to be a successful person but my past has stumbling blocks. I know why I can’t mentally and physically evolve. My peace has started to remove the hidden pain. I can concentrate better. I know now that I can be someone that can make a difference in other peoples lives.


My time on this plane of existence has started to grow. It is strange to know that something is not quite right with you, but to face those hidden agendas and to see who you were will definitely change your prospective of life. Many people start life with a past written on their subconscious but it will never be revealed unless you ask, seek, and find. It is a treasure of memories. It requires only a few sad memories to trap your body.


I found out today that my life was honorable and that I would die and did in fact give my life, for a belief. Are you ready to die for someone or for a belief so strong that no one can take it away even if they kill you?


The world is more beautiful today than it was. We must growth in life and in hardship. No one can make you develop, only your experiences. Never say that someone cannot change. Everyone can look at a change but if they do not understand the path that it would lead to, then what will happen.


Some people are afraid and will stay in their path of no change, while others will make that change at the crossroad. The crossroad of life is a never-ending emotional roller coaster. The beauty of this is that you are in control of what you want to do next, not what you want to be but what you are about to learn.



Some people really think that the world is round but what if it is not. What if the world was from within? Would you be able to make it work? How much time would you need to make it perfect? If you could make your world from within the perfect place to be what would you do? What if the whole world would try what you did? Would then the world be in harmony?


I have come to a point in life where I think that the world is from within. I do not want to mess with it, I am just trying to make it better. My world has to improve before I can tell anyone about it. It is harder to change yourself than to criticize someone else.


I have experienced a portion of what I am supposed to learn. Life is not to learn about material things since it is only temporary but to learn for the eternity. I hope that I can continue to learn and to experience before I return to the basics. My journey is only for a moment in time but the learning will take an eternity to harvest.


I believe that one day we will all have to report our findings. We will be responsible for our experiences.



If you have found your soul mate then the physical body is only a shell. What are we in love with? If you find your soul mate and he/she is in a very difficult situation are you going to ignore that person only because he/she is not what your physical appearance suggests he/she could be? Sometimes it is hard to see with your heart. The realms that we do not see still affect this realm.


Going to work is like a battle. Sometimes you get back home after a hard day at work and you are happy that today’s battle was won. Some other days it is a battle won by a conqueror. If you feel enslaved by your work do not feel bad, millions of people are in the same chair.



How many times does it take for a person to remember? I think that the answer would be: what ever it will take. I have many dreams, so many that I can’t fathom the reason or the meaning. May the life of the universe be all around you and let it guide you. May you see in time that the universe knows when you are ready for the next step in life. Knowing the future is realizing your path. But how will you learn if you know the answer without the meaning. Discomfort is the way the heart is excited about a change in life. It must be taken and the meaning must come on its own. You must be ready to accept the meaning and to evolve to the next step.


My hands are tied and I cannot help. This is false to say I do not want to evolve. Time after time we are to learn but we decide to go around it so we can pretend that we didn’t see it. You do that too many times and the universe will fold.


Barricaded I feel, desperate for a change I want, universe guide the soul who wants to grow. Am I were I should be?



I am what I am…

Are those the words that you use to say that you cannot change your philosophy? It is understood that anyone can change on a daily basis if they wish or stay the way they are and never evolve. Anyone can learn a small thing every day and in the long run become a butterfly. We all have a journey to take, are you really ready for yours or do you have a stick in your wheel?


Read this journey and ask yourself if you see something,


This started in a windy day near a crossroad. I was watching nothing in particular minding my own business and I saw a man walking like any other. One foot in front of the other going across the road. I saw another man, he was in a wagon going the opposite way. They looked at each other as they were going through the crossroad knowing that they saw each other but could not remember when. They kept going their own free way. Unfortunately they did not connect because they had not learned that life expands over the physical realm.


Spiritual life is not only praying, it is to feel someone’s presence and to believe that there is something around you that is trying to connect. It wants to help but are you listening? In this world we are afraid of changes. We are comfortable in our daily work, we are comfortable in our home, we are comfortable with our partner, and we are comfortable with our friends so why should I change?


Many reasons why you should change, the first reason is because you need to evolve.




My name is Kujamo and I believe that the world is composed of 5 senses. I believe that we have more than 5 senses and that we can tap into them at anytime we wish. Why did I not say that we have 6 or 7 senses because I am certain that some people have more than 5 senses and they do not know their limits of the spiritual mountains.


Think about it, you saw a movie last night and it touched your heart. At the end of the movie the main actor died to save another person’s life. Did it touch you only for the reason that throughout the movie he made himself appeal to the audience and they saw him as a good guy and no one wanted him to die? I believe that it touched your subconscious, which in turn told your heart of a past experience that you could not understand and that is what made you cry.




The world is full of surprises and you are not in control.

You will never be in control even if you think you are.

You will never know what comes next.

I am not here to tell you that I will be easy on you.

I want you to know that I will do what is needed to start the engine.




Is it better to relax by standing still at the point where you can hear only music for the soul? You are just about to sleep but you can’t. You must always be close to sleep but still awake. Then let your mind guide you and write down what comes.


The beauty of space, looking at the universe with all of the dots it is breath taking.


What would happen if I would stand at the middle of a busy intersection with my arms raised to the heavens and my mind being nourished by the universe?



I am sure that everyone can say hello and goodbye. Why is it that some people look at you and never say anything? Is it because they see something that you don’t? I am surprised that we all say peace but we do not practice it. My world is complicated. I get up in the morning and I have to go to work in a place were my boss is a conqueror. He will conquer customers and make your life as a worker very hard. They pay very little for the abuse they inflict on anyone who works there. I believe that one day money will be removed from this world and all those brokers and board members will suffer greatly. On the other hand every worker will be happy to put in a good days work and feel great satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day. No money to make the world go round but happy feelings to make a world content.




The Road that Kujamo had to follow


Once upon… a time… there was a man who really loved life to it’s fullest. He had no concern about other people’s life because he was satisfied that he could help anyone. He loved his craftsmanship. He liked to build and especially sculpt. He could take a piece of wood and make it come alive again in many different shapes. He was extremely proficient at details. He would never admit that he was a perfectionist but only a simple and humble human being. He would help you by providing advise on how to fix or resolve a problem. He would give you many choices. You had to make your decision, he would not do it for you. He always says that the beauty of learning is to make your own mind.


As time went along his name became well known across the country. He started to become a different person in the eyes of many friends. He never wanted to change and according to him he never did. He was the same person, giving the same advice and helping in the same manner. He would give is right hand to help. But people thought he was all knowing. People would say things about him that even Kujamo never did.


In a distant region the Emperor of the city told his priest that the sculptor died during the night and he wanted a replacement very soon. The priests mentioned to the Emperor that it was impossible to get someone in such short notice. The Emperor said in a calm voice, I will give you one week to find someone or you will take his place and if you do not satisfy me I will use you for the next sacrifice. On this tone, the priest went out and started to search. He came across a few good sculptors but none of them seemed to be good enough.


On the fifth day he was alarmed that he has gained nothing. As he was walking the street of the city he saw the Inn and decided to go in and get a drink. After the third drink he listened to some people talking about Kujamo in a highly motivated way, something that the priest never heard. So he decided to investigate this Kujamo. After a few days of research and going across the countryside he finally saw him from a distance. He decided to get closer and to talk with him.


As the priest got closer he noticed how Kujamo was reacting with people and especially his wife. Kujamo was looking at the eyes of people and he was looking directly into their hearts. Then he would know what is going on inside them and he could help them with anything. He would not make their decision but guided them to it. He had a gentle way of talking. His wife was pretty and very loving. They had a few kids ranging from 4 to 12 years of age. The priest decided to go back to the temple.


The next day he went back to Kujamo’s place. There he waited for Kujamo to leave his home. He waited until the sun was high. He tried to convince Kujamo’s wife that her husband would be better in the city. She did not cooperate, she said that Kujamo’s life was with the people not in the city. So, after a few hours of debate the priest killed Kujamo’s wife and his sons. The priest had no remorse about killing. Then the priest went back to the temple. There the priest got his escort to find Kujamo before he returned home. On the seventh day the priest went to the Emperor and showed him what Kujamo could do. The Emperor was very satisfied but wanted to see Kujamo. The priest said that Kujamo was on his way and that he needed one night to bring Kujamo to the city.


The Emperor agreed to his demand. The next morning the escort came in with Kujamo and the oldest son. The priest had them wash up and brought to the Emperor’s main room. So far Kujamo thought that the Emperor needed some guidance or a special sculpture created. The Emperor asked Kujamo if he would make the mask for him. Kujamo was happy about this new opportunity but then he looked at the Emperor’s eyes and he new that this was wrong. He immediately looked at the priest’s eyes and confirmed what he saw.


Kujamo decided to play the innocent so he could find a way out for him and his son. The priest knew Kujamo’s intention and he locked Kujamo and his son in the same cell. A few days later the priest came in and brought Kujamo and his son some food. This meal was good but barely enough to stop the hunger. Then the priest told him to start carving in the gold so he can have the mask ready for the wedding. Kujamo started to work. He made the first mask so beautiful and perfect in craftsmanship that the Emperor was truly amazed.


The priest told the Emperor that Kujamo likes doing this and that he would stay freely. The Emperor looked at Kujamo and waved to thank him. No one knew that Kujamo could read people’s hearts except for the priest.


Kujamo was brought to a different place. He was chained to the wall and if his son would tell someone both would die. His son was not in chains because he had to fetch, cut and bring the wood to his father. Kujamo only had one meal a day and had to work non stop to get these masks out on time. The masks were used for weddings, sacrifices and special events.


It has been a few years now and Kujamo has become a true master of any type of mask creation at a price, his heart became hard as gold. He is able to revive his memories of the pain experienced he since he got in the cell. One night Kujamo started to relive the time he spent in the cell. His first thought was about learning that his wife and his sons died from the battle of an enemy of the Emperor. After a few months in the cell he decided to get out. To go where he wouldn’t be chained. His only help was his oldest son. His son had to get a wooden cutting knife. He was going to make a gold stick, about 12 inches long, 1 inch wide and ¼ inch thick. Then he would use the knife to make some teeth on this golden stick. He thought he could use this new tool to cut his chain. He started to cut the chain at the wall. He kept a piece of cloth over it so no one would see that the chain being cut. Since gold is not very hard, it took him about 5 nights to get to a point where he could see his son and himself escape from the cell.


The priest came in on that day and was wondering why Kujamo seemed to be in a good mood. He did not have enough to eat to make him happy. So the priest left the cell and asked the guard to watch him closely and to be careful. The next day the priest came in and talked with Kujamo’s son. Then Kujamo’s son left the cell. The priest looked at Kujamo’s expression and started to look around Kujamo’s work area. After looking and thinking the priest took the cloth off the chain and saw the cut. The priest bowed down and you could hear the whistling of a bow then a scream of pain.


Kujamo fell to his knees knowing that his son was dead. At that moment Kujamo’s heart became harder than gold. He knew that this cell was going to be his tomb. The priest never knew of the stick that Kujamo made. Kujamo saw many faces over the months. As these months went by Kujamo remembered that he had no real connection with people. He would get up in the morning and start to carve the mask. By noon he would get his meal. It was a stew with bread and one cup of goats’ milk. He did not have much time to eat. It would take him about three to four days to make one mask.


On his oldest son’s anniversary of being freed by death, he decided to start again to cut his chain. This time he started to cut the pin that is holding the only shackle on his left foot. He thought that if he cuts the pin that no one would notice it. Every night while everyone was asleep he would cut a little bit more. While he was cutting he was remembering how his life was before he got chained up.


He remembered his lovely wife with her smile, and the kids playing around the house. He remembered his oldest son wanting to be like him, a craftsman of people. At that moment Kujamo remembered who he was and what he believed all his life. After almost two years in this cell he had to leave no matter what. He started asking questions about his predecessor. Others would tell him how he died. No one remembered who he was except that he had to create those masks every day. Kujamo had a plan to get out of the city without being noticed by the priest.


Kujamo started to plan many exits but he thought none would work, too many possibilities of getting caught. He felt strong that there had to be at least one way out of this misery of slavery. The more he thought the more his mind was providing him no solutions. One day as he was thinking, something unpredictable came to him during his sleep. His subconscious was giving him dreams of the possibility of not getting caught. Then one day a light of wisdom came to him, a voice told him that he had to concentrate when he was relaxed and the message of dreams would be revealed. As the night came upon everyone, Kujamo was ready to dream.


It took Kujamo many dreams to understand the meaning. Finally he had enough to know when to leave. It was a night with no moon, no stars. Quickly Kujamo finished cutting the pin that was holding his shackle. His determination was so great that he looked like an eagle focusing on his prey. No one saw him leave since the fire was out, like every other night, so no one would suspect that he left. He had about two hours to get out of the city and to be far enough away that no one could follow his trail.


He knew the layout of the city from talking to other cellmates. So that night he took the many small pieces of bread that he accumulated over the last week, along with a hand made water container. The milk was from his daily ration, he took a little in a leather bag that he made from his protective leather aprons. He took enough from the bottom of the apron that it wouldn’t be noticed.


The door was never locked. Everyone was afraid to be the next sacrifice except for Kujamo, he had to be chained. He left the cell quietly. By walking south he would get the priest to believe that he was going to his home. Kujamo walked about half a mile west of his home, by now he has been on the run for an hour. While walking and watching his home from a distance, he saw the priest with his escort destroying his property. The priest wanted Kujamo to believe that there was no other place to be and that Kujamo would have to return to the city.


Kujamo had only one thing in mind and that was to get away as far as he could, or die. After another hour of walking Kujamo was near the ocean. He had to get a boat so he could continue his journey. He walked along the port looking for a ship that would take allow him to remain anonymous. First he walked by all the ships in the hope that one of them was seeking extra crewmembers. He was disappointed that all the ships were full. From the end of the port, he could see the priest escort asking everyone questions. Kujamo walked away from the port but stayed within sight.


It took about two hours before the escort left the port. Kujamo waited another 30 minutes then started to walk across the port, one more time. He came across a captain who seemed to be waiting for a crewmember. This captain was a good person and he had a gift to recognize special people with positive habits. He took a look at Kujamo and said to him: I am going far from this country and could be back within a year. Would you take a crewmember’s place? I am running out of time and must leave now otherwise the tide will be keeping me here for too long. Kujamo recognized this opportunity like a dream come true, and took it.


Kujamo looked at the captain’s eyes and saw the kindness. He asked him where he was going, but the captain would not answer. The captain only wanted him to know that it was in his best interest to keep that a secret. It was better for him and the crew. He saw his home disappearing as the ship was taking distance. His heart was heavy with a burden that he could never forget. He hoped that one day he could return but he knew what the consequences would be.


It took the ship two months to get to the first port. The captain told him that if he were going to leave the ship it would be a mistake. The captain mentioned to Kujamo that the time to leave the ship had to wait. It was in Kujamo’s best interest to trust the captain without further questions.


For six months he was on the ship helping the crew in many different ways. The captain was pleased with Kujamo’s efforts to help. One night during the six months he had a conversation with Kujamo. The captain taught Kujamo about circles. He said that the furthest point in a circle was the distance between the start and the start divided by two. Kujamo did not understand. The captain took his feather and showed him with some ink. Now Kujamo grasped the meaning. Kujamo then looked at the captain and said: this is where you want me to leave? The captain nodded once.


The captain told me that once we are at the port, I would have to leave right away. I should take another ship and remember where the stars and the circle are. After two years on different ships I was far enough that I could settle once more on land. This time I saw the ship getting smaller as it was taking distance. I looked back at the land and decided on the path I wanted to take.


It did not take too long when I saw a farm. There were some people cultivating the ground. By the look of it and the season I would say they were getting the soil ready for the grain. The weather was not as pleasant as in my country. I talked with the man who was working the land and he said that they are always looking for help. I worked all afternoon and had supper with them. There were other people there and not all were related. I gathered some information about the time of the year and in this country they say that the snow will come soon and the work had to be done within two weeks. It seemed that winter was coming. In my country there was no winter, the seasons were almost the same throughout the year. They did not believe me so I had to let them think what they want. It was getting very cold at night and I was not sure what to do next.


They told me to eat more meat during the winter months if I wanted to live. After the two weeks had passed the owner said that I had to leave and if I wanted some work in four months, I could return then. He added that if I go to the city, I could get some work at the general store. He said that his brother owns the place and he was also always seeking good people to work for him.


My plan was to get some land and start my past life that the priest took away. After he gave me two days ration I finally got to the town. There was only one general store and the owner saw me walking the street and invited me in. He said with a smile that his brother mentioned that a new face was coming to town and he would need help.


I have been working at the store for 2 years now. I am really enjoying it, my heart still thinks that there is something missing in my life. I keep getting the dreams of my past life and it is very painful. I am starting to think that I have to go back and solve some issues and to straighten the rod.


My past is clouding my present senses.








The path that we take always starts from one point of origin and we will all end at a point on the circle.

Until the circle has been completed we will continue to learn.



Life is a road that cannot be taken for granted.

It must be taken with an open mind so we can take the proper course of action and not be bound by it.