Do you feel you have too much to learn?

Well, life is not based on your principles.



Learning is a life path

If you do not improve your mind

You will be a …



Some experiences are better than others

Nevertheless all experiences are part of the learning curve.



Is life based on Time?

Is life a Schedule?

Can you break free?

No one can…



Why the mountains of life?

Do not seek a Guru

Look in your Soul

All answers are in you

Tap in and you will discover wonders.



Do you ask for Help?

Do you check your pride first?

Do you like to help but never ask for it?

How hard is it to give and to take?

If everyone would help each other there would be no war…



Do you live in fear all day?

Do you have twenty locks on your doors?

Why do you fear?

Opening one’s heart to another shows…



So many emotions in one’s mind

Are you in control?

What happens when “control” is not yours?



Who cares these days?

Who really cares about someone else?

We enjoy our relationship with our close relatives

What about a neighbor do we care to help?

Do we care about anyone else?

Are you willingly ready to give your life to save another?

How much do you care?

Do you pretend?

Do you know what to say to another being?

Do you feel the pains of others?

Do you really understand?

Lets hope that you will never be in a situation

            Where your control is completely at the mercy of a stranger



We live, we experience and we die.

Would it be better?

            To live the experiences

                        So others can carry them

                                    After you move on

                                                To the next stage…



How much?

How many?

Why not?

Of course?

Can we?

Who else?

Sounds good.



Some days I feel like I want to die…

Some days I feel like not going to work…

Some days I feel like staying at home…

Some days I feel like doing nothing at all…

Some days I would prefer to take a walk in the park…

            The park would be near the equator…

Some days I would like to stare at the sunset that would be still in time…

Some days I wonder if I could do all the above…



It was, and never has been
this is not a message
is it something
something that no one knows
it is healthy
but can be hard to digest
give and take
no one knows enough
can you see what I see

My wife is a delight
she tries to understand
but can't be in my head
to explain verbally is not understood
she loves me as I love her unconditionally
we make a great team and that’s what counts

Look at the sky
what do you see?
Look at the ocean
what do you see?
Look at the beauty of the creation
what do you see?
Look at the universe
what do you see?
I see that I am alive and well with what I have

To believe and to dream
what do you think you have
the belief of the unknown
the belief that someone is in control
and that your path has been laid out

It is believable that one day we will all be united and we will understand why we were together for a brief moment in life



Are you on your path?

Or somebody else’s ????



To dream is not to be confused with reality




We are to learn

We have a life to live

Our life started at the beginning of time

Our life will end when we are ready

Ready to move on to the next step

What is learning?

Learning a trade to survive in this world

Learning something that is out of this world

We do not need to know what is what

We need to absorb and search for more

The answer will come and you will see it when it is time



My spirit is going full throttle

Life is not easy

Life is not made to be easy

Life has been stifled

Life has no mercy

We must endure and we will survive

We can only survive

Once this world has left then we will live



Dreams are from the subconscious
Dreams are from reality that has been altered
Dreams are as vivid as reality
Dreams can be deceiving
Dreams can tell you things if you listen
Dreams are here to help
Dreams will give you one short path to follow
Dreams knows what you can absorb
Dreams are for enlightenment of the mind
Dreams are to be used with an open mind
Dreams will give you a door way to follow
Do not miss it there might be no second chance

I always wondered about nightmares or just bad dreams
The facts is that nightmares or bad dreams are here to confuse you
Positive thoughts attract negative
You have to keep yourself positive if you do not want to feel pulled in every direction
It is hard to be what you want and success does not happen overnight
So be patient and follow your dream

When someone does not understand you, it only means that they are not at your level
There are many levels in life
The mind must know where you were last and the road will continue
The will to go further must be part of you
You must want to be somewhere else
Otherwise your journey will stay at one level

Destiny is for everyone
Destiny needs you
Your will to be with Destiny will change you
Your partner is Destiny and only she can create your path
Destiny is waiting for you to be ready for your move
When you are ready Destiny will show you the way

Can never return to yesterday
Once a decision has been made there is no reversal
You can correct what you can but the ripple has been made
There are many ripples in life and when a ripple has started it can not be stopped
It will continue until the end of time
Decisions are made every day and will continue
You can not control Decision
Decision must still be made for the earth to keep on going